Official BAS Accounts & Contact Information

Boycott Autism Speaks is a grassroots civil rights movement led by autistic people and our allies. 

You can find our ONLY official blog at

Our ONLY email is

Our ONLY official social media pages are:

Twitter: @boycott_as

Instagram: @boycott_as

The above listed accounts are the only accounts that are affiliated with the Boycott Autism Speaks Movement.

We’ve been made aware of others using our images, some of our original content and our name and then watering down our message.  These accounts are sharing false information and pathologizing language to talk about autism and autistic people. We want our community to be aware of this and to also be assured that BAS remains committed to the ideals of disability rights, disability justice and the neurodiversity paradigm. 

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About Lei

PACLA is an Autistic friendly space dedicated to guiding parents toward respectful supports and accommodations for their Autistic children through the concepts of gentle parenting and a belief in the value of neurodiversity.

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