To The Corporate Supporters of Autism Speaks, by Amy Sequenzia

Written by Amy Sequenzia For Autism Women’s Network.

To The Corporate Supporters of Autism Speaks, by Amy Sequenzia

I am convinced you donate money to this organization because you believe you are helping autistic people and their families.

You have been lied to. Only 4% of your contribution goes to services for the autistic community.

Most of that money goes to research on causation, which will inevitably lead to methods for preventing the birth of people like me. This is eugenics. This is hate.

Autism Speaks tells you that we are an epidemic, that we cost too much to society, but they don’t mention that many of us work, raise families, go to college. We are everywhere. We are your friends, neighbors, co-workers. When we ask to be heard, they say: “You are not really autistic. You are too ‘high functioning’”.

I, on the other hand, am what Autism Speaks calls “low functioning”, tragedy, burden, severe; they say my family suffers because of me, that they barely exist and that I am destroying their lives.

None of this is true but they don’t listen to me either since I am the proof that they lie.

I am non-speaking, I cannot dress myself, I need help eating and I need help going to the bathroom. I have seizures, which are not autism, but I am not safe alone.

There are many others who are a lot like me. We are in colleges, we are artists and writers, we make movies and give lectures. We still need supports but, when we get the supports, we excel. Just like everyone else.

Because of us, a new generation of autistics is growing up with dreams and aspirations, and they can succeed, just like we, adults, did. Those young autistics will not accept to be called “burden” and “tragedies” anymore. They are speaking up too.

That is why we ask you to stop supporting Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks say that we aren’t fully human, they refuse to listen to us, they traumatize young kids by saying they are not what their parents wanted. They support electric shocks as “treatment” for autistic people at the Judge Rotenberg Center. And they misrepresent families that love their children, families that need supports but do not think their children should not exist or that they burdens.

You can do better. You can actually support us, autistics, and our families. Please, consider the organizations listed bellow as recipients of your donations. We know you want to do the best to help us and we know you don’t want your name associated with a hateful organization.

• The Autistic Self Advocacy Network (
• Autism Women’s Network (
• Ollibean (
• TASH (
• The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism (
• Dan Marino Foundation (
• Autism National Committee (
• Autism Network International (
• Autism Society (
• National Council on Independent Living (

* Find out more about Boycott Autism Speaks:

* Sign the petition:

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