How Autism $peaks has hurt my loved one

By Karen Reznek
My daughter graduated from high school as A$ was coming to power and
spreading their message of how autism ruins lives. Although my daughter
would be an asset to any company who hired her — she is a hard worker,
reliable, learns quickly, and is very responsible — no one wanted to
hire someone who “bankrupts families”, “destroys marriages”, and “ruins
lives”. Never mind that my family’s finances are in order, my marriage
is just fine, and my daughter is a wonderful, valued part of our lives.
Not in spite of being autistic, but for the total sum of who she is, of
which autism is a large part.

Fortunately for her, Transition Services kicked in two years later, and
she is now employed. No thanks to A$, which has drained contributions
that once were available to help people like my daughter.

Karen Reznek


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