Beyond Stereotypes

Printed with permission from the author, Amy Sequenzia

Beyond Stereotypes


I am not autism, I am an autistic person

My life is not a tragedy, it is a growing process

Like yours

I have good days and bad days

Like you

My parents fought for me, not against me

They fought for my rights

The nights I spent awake made me think about my life

My family and friends also thought about it

They saw me beyond a diagnosis and saw my potential

They accepted me and worked hard to provide me with life experience

When is the rest of the world going to follow their example?

There were times of hardship but I am part of the human race

I am not immune to hardships

My neighbors learned how to see me as a whole person

The ones who never did

Lost an opportunity to experience diversity

I am autistic

I am not a tragedy

I am not robbing anything, anyone

I was not robbed of my life

I am who I am

This is my life

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Copyright 2011 by Amy Sequenzia


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